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icing cookie wedding heart
decorated icing cookie
decorated cookies
icing cookies
icing cookies
custom birthday cookies
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decorated cookies
decorated cookies
icing cookies


Show your friends & family you care with delicious, personal cookies.

For a birthday party, baby shower, wedding present, or just to say thank you—surprise them with delicious, icing cookies with an added personal touch.

decorated cookie wedding gift
icing cookie
icing cookies


Custom cookies for your special occasions.

Jakarta only—Delivery fee is Rp. 50,000-

Minimum order 12 pcs. (ea. Rp. 25,000-)

Orders must be placed 7-days in advance.

decorated cookie
heart gift icing cookie
cute icing cookie
icing cookie
icing cookie
custom cookie
dinosaur icing cookie
icing cookie
baby shower custom cookie
baby present icing cookie
gift decorated cookie
baby shower gift custom cookie
dinosaur decorated cookie
dinosaur custom cookie


decorated cookie
icing cookie
custom cookie
icing cookie
custom cookie
decorated cookie

company launch party

easter egg icing cookie
easter icing cookie
easter egg custom cookie
easter decorated cookie


hustle for that muscle.png
fat reduction.png
ems improve posture.png
20 min workout.png
build strength and endurance.png
build strong muscle.png
wake ems sleep repeat.png
train hard train smart.png

company launch party


christmas custom cookie
decorated christmas cookie
christmas decorated cookie
christmas custom cookie
christmas custom cookie
christmas icing cookie
angpao chinese new year custom cookie
chinese lantern custom cookie
angpao cookies7.png
angpao icing cookie
chinese new year custom cookie
chinese new year icing cookie
chinese new year decorated cookie

chinese new year

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gingerbread man christmas custom cookie
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